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2014 The future is back

It’s been a while since my last blog. The good news is that I’m still only eating plant-based foods. I have not faltered, this is going on 9 months so … Continue reading

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Health It will happen to us all eventually, but health experts say unless Kiwi men make lifestyle changes they will vastly outnumber the women knocking on death’s door. A Ministry … Continue reading

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What’s for Lunch

Unfortunately I only thought of making this post after I ate my lunch. SO I don’t have a picture! Barley & Bean wrap with spinach. Ingredients Barley Lentils Butter Beans … Continue reading

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Welcome Back Dr. Vegetable

What a trip. A trip of your life. Several months ago I was buying piano sheet music. This was because I was trying to learn some songs from Muse on … Continue reading

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Do not fear.

Originally posted on Muller Jannie:
An Excerpt from “Secrets of the UFO”. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. O mortals cast in density…

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Spotify worth a try.

I think I’ve made a post about this before, sort of. Spotify is a music subscription service like many other on the web. I think Pandora might have been first … Continue reading

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Gold fish.

Thinking and goldfish always make good analogies. So, the other day I was staring at my fish tank thinking how I still yearn to build the 3m ( about 9 … Continue reading

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New Zealand’s colonial false freedom flag.

Happy Camper, in very general terms you can use this term to describe me. I’m not overly cynical but I have a healthy understand of what we could probably be … Continue reading

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What ifs

Traffic lights. I can’t stand how once the light has gone green for traffic to go there is this 5-10 seconds where nothings. It’s like the person in front , … Continue reading

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Feeling pretty glum , chum?

I shouldn’t be affected by other people’s success right ? This is probably due to me hitting my head or something as a child because I find myself in isolation … Continue reading

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