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The biggest question.

How can the people with the most important roles earn the least.

a while back my wife was interested in becoming a teacher in fact she still is, however I cannot beleive how little the salaries are. I’m sure someone has asked this same question before as to why they are getting paid so little along with other very important community members. Yes police gets more leave, yes they have more health benefits.

I remeber in my first corporate job the salary (CTC) was nearly 5 times than my previous job. I earned less though. It was strange enough to see a payslip with more than 1 deduction at the time as it was my first job. I remeber seeing a fee for the wine club, extra extra company medical , I was in my twenties and probably never been fitter since but the medical was compulsory. It had a number of included benefits and allowances none that interested me at the time as a young proffesional , I wanted money. Scientists and lecturers maybe they can get away with less money as their life is on campus, maybe the scientists don’t need money for gadgets as they get new telescopes or state of the art labs. That’s all great, but what if they want to have kids, o wait they get discounted education.

I won’t mind paying more for schooling, however I doubt the money will end up in the pocket of the person teaching your kids or protecting you in the night. It’s a very tricky situation. I definately don’t have the answer for it , not even close as there are so many variables I don’t even take into account. Not to mention dodgy teachers who are wolves in sheeps clothing.

All I can say is that those who are enjoying their jobs that much without the equal financial reward, good for you. I love doing what I do, but I still look at doing the same thing for a better salary and my work is not nearly as key to change to world.

What is the saying about an impression on a spotless youthful mind.


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