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Monthly Archives: August, 2011

Why not!

Did you ever have a great idea ? Just between the few people I’ve been exposed to in my life who shared idea with me the number is vast. Everyone … Continue reading

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January 2011, During January time I start reading a lot of information about the change in the world. I started hearing more about 2012, and personally it scared me a … Continue reading

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Power and Healing Water

After reading the Water Wizard I decided to search the web for Victor Schauberger’s ideas. The reason behind my thinking (naive it would appear) was that given how natural the … Continue reading

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Great invention!

To some more up to date with engineering you might find this “old news” I think I have seen this information before but honestly I probably didn’t have my … Continue reading

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SQL Memory

My SQL Server is running out of memory If I had a buck for every I’ve read that on a forum. I’d have a couple of hundred bucks. It kind … Continue reading

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Last week we started looking at this dmv. As promised I’ll now discuss the code on how to use this view over a period of time and do some analyses … Continue reading

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Mayan Mayhem.

This is definitely an interesting subject not for the faint hearted. Not to mention without a cup of coffee. Although I don’t drink coffee anymore. I can’t exactly date my … Continue reading

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Disk Reads, pun intended.

sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats In 2005 and 2008 we saw an old function converted into a handy dmv. It’s probably still a function.. so it’s been renamed. I don’t think it’s more handy … Continue reading

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What does this mean. Let’s start out how I got there, like they say. It’s not about where you are going but the journey. Personally I think both are equally … Continue reading

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~Hot!~ Tables

~hot!~ tables. What is meant by a hot table, it might mean something completely different to people even when working on the same system. When I worry about storage read … Continue reading

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