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About myself and everyone else.


What does this mean.

Let’s start out how I got there, like they say. It’s not about where you are going but the journey. Personally I think both are equally important, being aware of the journey will help you keep your eyes open for things to do along the way and build character in order to face the challenge of finishing the journey.

I’ve been a fan over Victor Schauberger’s work since I read it. Before expanding my knowledge a bit the only great minds, I knew of was Da Vinci, many people dealing with physics and a few good musicians. I don’t know if it’s just me but I tend to think there were only a few. The more I read the more I’m finding out the even well into the 20th century and currently many of the out of the box thinkers are still alive.  I wonder why I don’t see as many of their great ideas advertised like the latest diet. Many of those ideas can do more good.

In one of my other posts I mention I couldn’t find the name for the natural channel for water flow, so I decided to reread some of the water wizard, then I managed to find it.

Virbela Flowform.  You can read more on this. If you look at this idea combine it with ancient sand bed filters we can recycle water for FREE. Why would a government not want this?

What I did also find was the link to Alick Bartholomew. I’ve got one of his books, haven’t read it though. From here I travelled down the rabbit hole to Rudolf Steiner synonymous to Anthroposophy.

I went through his account by on , honestly amazing. I cannot understand why all this knowledge is available and people still keep running into a brick wall. I’m not that old and I managed to get this, many people do. The people who have the money should drive some of these ideas, not all new age ideas are non profitable, people can still make a profit and implement something that makes life a bit better for the majority. Given that we are all one mind, if the less fortunate get to a position where they don’t have to worry about basic needs we will overall get smarter and I’m sure if you are a few steps ahead and pursue knowledge that you can still keep some sort of niche not to mention a warm fuzzy feeling and some profit.

It’s a very interesting read, I’m definitely going to try to find some of Rudolf’s books and lectures. His ideals are definitely in line with a positive vibration. But I’d only be able to tell if I read his works.

Where to next ?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe … seems to be closely related to Rudolf in terms of their work.

To me it means, the study of self. Find out what makes you tick and why. Once you have done that improve the process using an ethical baseline of doing what is better for the majority.


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