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Mayan Mayhem.

This is definitely an interesting subject not for the faint hearted. Not to mention without a cup of coffee. Although I don’t drink coffee anymore.

I can’t exactly date my first experience with the  Mayan calendar, I can however remember that I have first heard of the prophecy while watching a documentary on NatGeo. I found it interesting that  even though science today can’t predict events accurately such as the start of the universe (let alone the end) the Mayan would have appeared to have this mastered this art.

This is great for us, I think (?) .

It’s always compared end times whether that’s from a Christian perspective or mayan as that to a playdate. I’ve always stuck with the example, I assume it’s because it’s how I thought of the end times as a child and it still works today. Knowing when the end time is, is like knowing where your mom is coming to pick you up at a birthday party or playdate.

Before we get to the party lets cover a few things, we know our friend is having a birthday and we are invited. Great! The day comes and you head on over to the party. Everyone is there having fun, now the options start. Are you going to go for the cake first, activities , try to make a new friend and depending on your age and maturity trying to either run after or away from the opposite sex. Although there is lots of fun during this stage there will come a time for formalities, singing a birthday tune.  So everyone have to stop the fun that they are having and reflect on singing a song, during this period you have a bit of interaction between yourself and thought. When is my birthday, I wish I could have my birthday again, I wish I could get back to playing, how can I strategize to get a turn on whatever activity you may have missed out on up to this point and is the birthday person going to open my present first – in summary a time for reflecting on the self and others around you. Once the formalities are over its time to have more fun, children at this stage (depending at the size of the party) has made their friends, caught the girl \ boy they wanted to or sit in a corner and sulk silently because they didn’t. Then activates quiet down, a parents appear. They could notify you that your time is running out because you need to be going home in a while, if you didn’t have a fun time maybe you would like this situation, however, regardless of how you experienced the party at this stage you are now faced with a constraint, what to do, your options would be to forget about that one that got away and have more fun even more than what you have had up to this point.  You can also choose to do nothing about it.

At least with a birthday party you can be pretty sure you are going home(I saw this movie, I think it’s with either Val Kilmer or Gary Sinese where the astronaut that stayed behind said he was going home, I found it very touching. ) Other good films in the genre that I like Incl. Space Cowboys, Gattaca

In our times that have been plenty of end time warnings, you could probably run a profitable business on buying people’s things that are giving it up because it’s the end. I’ve been reading a good article on the Mayan calendar earlier today. It covers one of the questions my wife had, when does the calendar start. The one start date is when the Tree of life, tree of the world was created and the other start time is when the earliest calendar date appears. Why record a calendar that has already expired , right?

So this website covers the start time due to it’s “correct” starting point, which brings the end times into Oct 2011 as opposed to the generally accepted Dec 2012. Interesting enough, I’ve read information from Patrick Geryl who has also done significant work on this Mayan Mayhem as I’d like to call it, his work specifically relates to the Sun Spot Cycle which states that there will be a significant CME in Oct. Interesting indeed. That puts a significant dampener on my party mood! (In the context of the joy of life).

But, if you are to take into account one theory from an individual you have to take into account all of them, I don’t believe you should pick a few that you like and stick with it. That sort of thinking won’t get you the most accurate results.

So if you take the authors I’ve mentioned thus far they are somewhat in contradiction. The one has valid facts i.e. something you can feel and touch that indicates a possible pole shift of the earth and passed occurence. The other claims based on mayan prophecy that the pole shift refers to the human consciousness. Two people , both different opinions, so in terms of future predictions such as end date, and pole shift or no pole shift. In a simple binary diagram that’s 4 possible endings to our human story based on only to variables. If you add another variable it become exponentially more difficult to determine what is going to happen.

I’ve seen many sources and read a bit on the latest events and honestly I’ve seen no holistic view on it. I’ve once emailed Bill Ryan and told him he should seriously make a flowchart , something that you can put on the wall and mull over, like something out of Donny Brasco.

An interesting , at least what appears to be fact by my own experiences is something I’ve read before and again today on this site. It concerns the nature of writing. I’ve read before (don’t remember where) that people write in order to preserve the self. In order that you can life for an eternity. In human consciousness terms this would be the point of realising the concept of future, possibility of death and maybe even reincarnation.

The quote from the website. With the beginning of the baktun-based National Cycle, change in human society however began to take place at such a high frequency that “preservation” became a necessity in many contexts. Thus writing is ultimately a function of the higher frequency of consciousness change carried by the National Cycle. In this way we may realize that writing was not just some kind of technical invention, but a reflection of an increased frequency of the divine process of creation.

This info is from

I was well concerned with the end an era as they would say, but after reading the Law Of One, decided that the message of panic is not for me. I decided to have fun while I’m here, it is what many self-help, motivational books and lecturers or speakers say. Enjoy and live every day as if it’s your last.

I found Calleman’s translation and interpretation quite good, it’s not intended to provoke fear as many does. It’s quote harmonious and covers the simple transition, I’ve definitely read more on it. It does also mention not in so many words but in order to make an omelette you have to break some eggs.  One thing which change my opinion about the Mayan is the eschatological approach, this is the norm for the times and like I said before, if you take one fact into account you can’t ignore another. In the Law of One series it covers that during a period after the temples where build that the Mayan had lost the touch with their “Creators” or Ra, or other beings from another density who aid them in temple construction. My concern about this is that their perversion is mentioned, and if the calendar was created after the fall of the true ideals, well then its eschatological nature could be discarded. It does not however disprove the working or event prediction , but it does change the nature of the event predicted.


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