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Great invention!

To some more up to date with engineering you might find this “old news”

I think I have seen this information before but honestly I probably didn’t have my mind in the right place in terms of creativeness and I didn’t think of applications at the time.

Here is some info courtesy of

Concrete cloth

A recent innovation is the concrete cloth. It consists of a three-dimensional fiber matrix, containing a specially formulated dry concrete mix. A PVC backing on one surface of the cloth ensures the material is completely waterproof, while hydrophilic fibers on the opposite surface aid hydration by drawing water into the cement. Concrete cloth can be used to rapidly create waterproof, fireproof, fiber-reinforced thin concrete forms across a wide range of applications: rapid trackway or landing surfaces, structural reinforcement, ground stabilization, ballistic protection and sterile concrete shelters

Now if you are a farmer in Africa that needs to get irrigation done, if you are a builder who needs a quick shed setup, if you own a game reserve and want to create simple viewing stations to admire nature. This stuff is what you are looking for.

If I owned my own property I’d build an igloo just for the sake of it. Not to mention water flow channels for landscaping.

If you have this stuff why do you have people with no HOUSES! gosh. And if you are in South Africa you may note that this can’t be destroyed with fire! Which is always a plus.Given the minimal corners this is also great for metaphysical energy flow or fung-shui.

I was thinking brick and mortar is a bit ancient. This stuff probably cost a fortune!

+1 awesome in my book.


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