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Power and Healing Water

After reading the Water Wizard I decided to search the web for Victor Schauberger’s ideas.

The reason behind my thinking (naive it would appear) was that given how natural the idea of Victor flow and how logical some of them has proven I struggled to find any of them implemented, in the public that is.

I did however stumble on a very bad site in terms of what the new web is about, it’s not flashy ,  it doesn’t comply to any of your good IT designs when it comes to a website and it doesn’t really catch the reader’s eye in any way, the magic is in the content.

A big concern of mine before I changed my attitude was that your site needs to look good. I’ve seen flash sites that can simulate the behavior of mercury, sites that can create a 3D environment where you literally feel that you browse the site in 3D, however it’s been a while since the looks of the site determined the time I spend on it.

Onto the site.

This site has the most important content that you are interested in in English. What these guys did was re-look at our centrifugal unnatural technology and implemented a fresh and natural way to generate power. As per Victor’s works the key to generating energy is to look at how nature does it. The biggest pro aside from power generation would be the restoration of the water’s natural abilities, it improves the quality through aeration and the dia-magnetic process that forms in the spiral where cooling takes place. The upstream flow of the water drives the vortex which will in turn drive the power generation. The water then continue to flow down stream. Simple.

I’m definitely going to email these guys and find out more and maybe even give them a tip or two.

For instance in their model the basin for collecting water is shaped like a dam. i.e. a cylinder. If the sides of the cylinder was more like that of a cone you might get a further acceleration of the water, the con might be that you lose torque and thus you will generate less power. The other alternative is to create suction you would do this by sealing the basin where the vortex occur , you can put a fan in the center with the power generation in this fan. When the water flow into the conical basin it will cause a vortex, as the water fall through the bottom of the cone the water level will recede. This and the vortex will create a vacuum, the suction will drive to fan which will be used for generation of power.

The difference between the two setups.

Like I’ve mentioned in my About section, unfortunately I missed the engineering bus. But the difference is in the one method where power is created via the force of water flow and that of the vortex. I initially thought it will be created equal to the flow of the water i.e. 100l/minute but this is not the case as it’s not only the mass of the water driving the mechanism but also that of the vortex movement. In the latter concept it will be the suction driving the fan and only the suction. Victor mentioned that suction is more powerful that pressure but I’m not sure how to compare it to the flow of water, one pro of this concept is that there is no restriction to the flow of the vortex which might lead to further acceleration of the water and an increase in suction.

I’ll email the guys and see what they think.

I wonder…


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