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January 2011,

During January time I start reading a lot of information about the change in the world. I started hearing more about 2012, and personally it scared me a at the time. My first experience of it was many years ago , it was a documentary that included the i-ching and the end of time as it depicts it. I kept myself busy with very little other things. In April I was chatting to a close friend of mine about meditation techniques, honestly I struggled with meditation. I’m a very results driven person and perfectionist, I’m cancerian so the perfectionist has a lot to do with the need for acceptance and that cancerian folks can’t handle failure, thus they tend to over plan, others may see this a procrastinating but it’s actually because of the excess planning to ensure there is no chance for failure in whatever you do.

April 2011,

Our discussion came onto water. The blood of the earth it’s been quoted before. He mentioned that during a period he was on a detox and only drank water, I figured if I want better meditative experiences and lucid dreams, I need to move onto water. So in April, which interestingly enough is also a cleansing time as per Catholicism . I cut out everything except for drinking water, at this moment I still at as per normal i.e. all kinds. Ever since I haven’t had anything else, admittedly I had a couple of drink for an event, the odd glass of milk and freshly squeezed orange juice which I thought was great but expensive at a 2$ for half-dozen oranges. I’m in IT so the biggest issue was the coffee, I had a couple of headaches and a relapse here and there but eventually is passed and you feel much better.  Along with this info my friend also provided me with some books, 4 books about Victor Schauberger, he never read them but deemed them good enough to pass on. The works of Victor Schauberger reads like poetry, perhaps even smooth like water.

The books were authored by Callum Coats, Alick Bartholomew and others. I have recently had the privilege to get in contact with Mr Alick Bartholomew who resides in the UK.

Since my experience with the above I’ve been exposed to more and more info in this regard and I feel compelled to share it in order for it to do for others what it did for me.

Great sites on works and information on the subject.

I’m glad at this time that there is still a good amount of interest in this work.

I thought it disappeared from the public but luckily in this instance I’m wrong. The idea is very much alive and well, there is a lot of the products on the market for consumers to make them believers and if you are the entrepreneurial type this are is definitely something to look into.

Speaking of water, I’m actually a bit parched.


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