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About myself and everyone else.

Why not!

Did you ever have a great idea ?

Just between the few people I’ve been exposed to in my life who shared idea with me the number is vast.

Everyone have good ideas, then again no idea is bad, all ideas are part of a grand scheme or master plan. If you look back at the line of inventions many almost exactly the same inventions took place all over the world at the same time. Many ideas we see today was developed in such a way. I think we can contribute this to what some might refer to as global consciousness, the fact that we are all one mind.

Global consciousness

I firmly believe that if you ponder upon a problem a solution will come. Even if the solution might not come to you it will happen. Thus if we think about solutions instead of problem we posit change, looking at the problem and complaining will cause more of that.  Positive thinking, how can I change that ? This is a small step you can do for yourself which will eventually help everyone.

You must be the change you want to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

Half an idea, even if you aren’t sure.

I’d say get your idea out there, get it printed , written down or even record it on your mobile phone. You might not think at the time that it is great but then again who would have thought that electrocuting a frog leg will amount too much. If people get together and share idea we can draw on a collective mind that we don’t do anymore. We are isolated in our lives, even though we are connected through so many systems from work distribution list and social networks and media. What do we do with the tools, people blog or tweet or FB about their whereabouts “FB: I’ve just landed at the airport”, aside from immediately family there is not many people who are going to benefit from this. It could have been, “FB: I’ve just landed at the airport and it would be great if the airline could email my wife the arrival info”. Wouldn’t that be great, the flight carrier could perhaps take some initiative to offer it to their clients. People love to be pampered that’s a fact.

Not your idea?

recommend ideas if they are not your own.Many of us have certain tips about life, you might have a really good tip to use to burn FLAC to mp3. You might have a really good tip that you saw on television but since you don’t own a cat it doesn’t mean you cannot recommend it to your grandma.

It is also a simple way to get people talking, talking about something important that could change and improve your life. You may sit on the train and see how someone struggles with their iPad because they don’t know shortcuts. I still see people use right click – copy paste and opposed to use ctrl c,v (Windows bases systems).

What have you recommended today ?

Today I’ve recommended the implementation of flowforms (Virbela) to two wildlife sanctuaries.The worst thing that can happen is they can block your email!


I was visiting this weekend and noticed the quality of the water.

I am interested in finding out if you would be interested in implementing water flow forms otherwise known as Virbela.

These forms can be used to increase the quality of the water and looks very natural.

If you are completely surprised or even confused by the mail you can read more on

These forms increase the quality of the water by aerating it, it also cools it down.

The cooling down temperature decrease the number of pathogens in the water.

This is a minimal investment, heck I’d even sponsor them to get it implemented.

I am not saying your water is bad , not at all. I’m saying it can be done naturally without the use of chemicals and animal life can be improved.

I have done a significant amount of research in this and this is definitely a solution for the future.



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