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Monthly Archives: September, 2011


Since the release of Virtual PC what seems to be about 100 years ago I’ve tried to run games on it. The first editions of Virtual PC simply told you. … Continue reading

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Data flow VS plumbing

In a sense a DBA is just a data plumber. Instead of water we make sure that data gets from point A to point B. We are definitely more environmentally … Continue reading

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Why we need 2012

I browse the internet daily for info on the “change” in the world I’ve followed guys and their progress and on the odd occasion how they backtrack on what they … Continue reading

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Playing Games

After reminiscing over the lack of depth in the games of today I thought it’s worthwhile to write a post about a game series I particularly enjoyed. Games and The … Continue reading

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Performance testing Hints and tips.

Biggest bang for buck. You finally find the time to do some pro active work, where to start. The IT environments we work in are very seldom simple. You don’t … Continue reading

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Do not fear.

An Excerpt from “Secrets of the UFO”. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. O mortals cast in density of form, I center the … Continue reading

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SMS Alerts

Some time ago I did a post on ideas. I recently had to go with my mother in law to the Airport. I went to drop her off in the … Continue reading

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Auto Create Statistics

So I had a fun experience today with SQL. I’ve known off a single bad performing query which is due to the fact that the query runs on a table … Continue reading

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I’m no GURU.

Guru According to Wikipedia a Guru is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom, and.. By that definition I am not rated as a Guru, I’ve been meditating … Continue reading

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