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SMS Alerts

Some time ago I did a post on ideas.

I recently had to go with my mother in law to the Airport. I went to drop her off in the quick stop\ drop off zone. This zone is great as it’s designated purpose prevents any long and dragged out good byes. I remember those as a kid who just wanted to get home from a visit somewhere, the adults would say goodbye in the house, then by the front door as they all cow through the front door. Then there is the good-bye while getting in the car followed by the good-bye through the window of the car.

If only they had a drop-off and pickup zone like at the airport.

With a very brief good-bye to the mother in Law I sped off to make it to work in time. Then later I heard that there were”complications“.

Then I had one of those what if ideas.

It would certainly be great if when buying a ticket you can nominate next of kin’s mobile phone number on the ticket and your own. Once checked in this service can be activated in order to save money because some SMS bundles are pretty steep. Once checked in you will get an SMS saying “You can think about moving yourself to the check-in desk”. This would be a great heads-up to get you back to reality while in the dreamland of duty-free shopping, not that it is that great anyhow.

Once on the plane you don’t have to try to call or tell someone “Hi , I’m on the plane, we are l…” and then loosing signal or you can’t hear because of the noise of everyone getting to their seats. Again the airline could at this stage SMS the next of kin, “Hi there, we have a lift off”. Then you can cruise wherever you need to go on the plane and enjoy your miniature cutlery , after your great meal you can have a snooze knowing that who ever has been notified. When it comes to landing time your concierge or family could also be notified that you are running on time or late in order to pick you up in time. This will prevent a congregation of angry people when a flight is delayed.

Once the mother in law has landed you can be notified and that everything is once again as it should be.

This package would also come with a opt-out function in case you don’t want to know if the plane had crashed. But I suppose there would be a diplomatic way of letting people know that Houston had a problem.

I don’t think the above would be very difficult, difficult would be trying to explain to an air hostess that a kindle can’t really switch off because it’s technically already off most of the time. However closing the lid accompanied by a smile and nod seems to do the trick.

Gotta love it!


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