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Do not fear.

An Excerpt from “Secrets of the UFO”.

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I have ever read.

O mortals cast in density of form, I center the Light to guide your way.
My Light is not seen by those who observe only the density of figure.
Neither can I violate the Laws I have made in the Wisdom of My
eternal ways. I cannot but stay at rest with you, hoping that the best
will reach for Me, that I may bring your perception into the Light.
Man closes doors, man hides himself. He binds himself to possessions
of dust, not realizing all is lost to him and lost to Me. For only by the
progression of thee do I progress. My parts are scattered throughout My
boundless Being. I move in many ways to fashion My completeness.
Each part shall find the resurrection in Me, though the time is recorded
in the records lost in space. My eternity is only complete in the patience
of Myself in thee.
And so I wait within, with the knowing that My beginnings never end.
O man, in the everchanging pattern of My thoughts I bring My
creatures into being. In seeing motion all about, never doubt that I am
there. For I am motion, change, and time, so that My rhyme of
repetition may cycle all My parts.
Your eyes reach out to see the stars, not realizing each has stars within.
Though sin may barricade your way to Me, change will be your sword
to rend the veil and I shall hail you in your victory over self.
Though My time is naught to Me, time to you is meant to be a gauge
to register progression in My ways.
Motion is the Me in thee, O man, to manifest a change, so that in time
you may escape the rhyme of rebirth repetitions and be timelessly the
peaceful thought of Me—eternally.


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  1. mullerjannie
    June 10, 2013

    Reblogged this on Muller Jannie and commented:

    I don’t feel like writing much to be honest. Bad day, Bad week. But this always makes me feel better.

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