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Why we need 2012

I browse the internet daily for info on the “change” in the world

I’ve followed guys and their progress and on the odd occasion how they backtrack on what they have said or didn’t say.

As I was reading I thought to myself in an absurd way.

It would be rather dissapointed if nothing happens.

I didn’t just wake up one morning and said, arg. I feel like the world is going to end soon. It was a morning like any other even  after hearing about 2012 and seeing the movie. (there were t-shirts?) I started reading more on the subject and always took both the good with the bad. You cannot just accept the facts which play in your favor that would cause a whole lop-sided argument. So during all of the reading I try to investigate that which I didn’t understand or which I experienced to be different. It’s easy to add very cool sounding information to a false concept in order to get a point across, I’m in IT, I deal with non technical management all the time. Even if you tried you couldn’t explain certain things to people.

It’s like trying to validate a number of wires sticking out behind a self installed home theater + projector + XBOX + Kinect + Surround Sound which could be used for the Theater of hooked up to your computer via ANOTHER set of USB cables. At some stage it becomes pointless to try to explain.

So what has this got to do with 2012.

Change is on everyone’s (at least a lot of people from what I gather on youtube, public attendance of shows such as David Icke. Best Selling novels). Not to mention the people who just happened to get exposed to change via synchronicity.

We need 2012,

Unfortunately I think we are just being people again. Much like Christmas and new year people hold of to do things. I’ll get fit in the new year, I’ll do that tomorrow. I believe this is exactly what 2012 has become for the general populace. We know things ain’t right. Governments installing whatever they want to monitor people. Highway traffic signs that say “conform or thou shall be punished”. Sure we need rules but we should know better.

2012 Is like the escape , the caveat for change. Because there are no unity in the world everyone hope that through some miracle (2012) and a big catastrophe things will change. We are going to see a new dawn (As in Syndicate the game) . The people in the world who runs the show will still run the show after a cataclysm. Not because of money or what we may think they might have hidden but because taking control is a personality trait. A big earthquake don’t suddenly make a leader out of everyone. If you are a couch potato and think that by some miracle you are going to be transformed into a butterfly and that we all are going to sing kumbaya. (Come Down my Lord) you are going to wait invain.

2012 is not so much about the cataclysm but it represents hope, look what that word did for President Obama. No wonder we are stuck on it.

Don’t wait for 2012 to change, you have got all the tools to do it right now. No man \ woman is spiritually born more privileged than any other. In my opinion this is largely why every book about raising children is conflicting with one another. I had to read those to make sure I at least have an idea on the subject. Between me and my wife we probably read in the excess of 20, not to mention articles and experience. Yes , 20 books doesn’t make you an expert but plenty of the books have conflicting approaches and not surprisingly that not ONE covers the spiritual aspects of life or being a child.

I secretly hope for some change to occur to inspire mankind, because if I go to public places and see the masses , some getting drunk before noon I find it terribly hard not to judge. I don’t have an answer on how to fix it (unfortunately) but little by little I try to see good in people. I try and see change on a daily basis.

I can just hope that people realize that 2012 may come and nothing may happen. What will be the next date we peg in the ground?

If you have the courage to change, find like-minded individuals and surround you with them. Before you know simple ideas will grow into success stories.

Change happens all the time, there are many spiritual \ cult books that said for a long time that light doesn’t travel. Light is. Now with neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light suddenly it’s seen in a new light. haha . Change happens every day try to change 100 years of thinking in terms of Einsteins theory. Ouch.

Don’t wait for 2012 to change.


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