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Since the release of Virtual PC what seems to be about 100 years ago I’ve tried to run games on it.

The first editions of Virtual PC simply told you. Sorry, non-compliant. You couldn’t modify the drivers of the virtual PC and it had thus no direct X support.

Hold on , why directx.

Aside from the plans of Jeff Bezos and a few modern trends which allows for graphic processing online or “in the cloud”. The solution for graphics processing is still right here where it’s always been. On your desktop. This is great but if you are a fan of games like myself especially a wide variety (older games where the drivers and compatibility simply don’t exist.) you might run into issues where your current UBER setup can’t play the games.

The first solution to this geeky problem is applications called Glide Wrappers, this helps your newer GFX card to appear older in order for you to play older games. Then again in the older Virtual PC world this wasn’t an option since there was a hard-cap on the direct X.

Then WMWare came out and I tested the WMWare Workstation  . This work great because all of a sudden I could run direct X in a virtual PC. This meant I can install as much junk as I want in my VMWare image without having to deal with it lying all over my computer. It also helps with big installs and by the time you have installed a game you are no longer in the mood to play it. (This could just be me though).

As I was browsing around in the Virtual space to see what is new in terms of Emulating (Wrapping GFX) I found this.

Virtual Box. I honestly should take off my Microsoft tunnel vision glasses because I didn’t even know this existed. -10 to my IT rep.

After a quick read on their site it would appear to be very promising. Then I started read what gamers say, after all it’s gamers who mod their machines to get the most out of it. It’s also gamers who tries all these absurd things such as running Crysis on a Virtual PC.

This gives me the opportunity to create a nice WM and install my older games on it. I can then play pretty much anything when I want and I can move the VMDK off if I want to format my PC. So accordingly this a few articles incl. this one I’ll definitely be giving this a try.

1 Virtual PC hooked up to a Blackarmor NAS with a stack of ISO’s (Of which I have the originals ofc). (I wish)

Pure bliss.

Let me try to get it to work first!


Here is the link


One comment on “VM 3D

  1. mullerjannie
    October 4, 2011

    I’ve tried this on the weekend.

    My host setup is a Eurocom Laptop 2Ghtz extreme edition i7 Core + 8GB ram and intel x25 SSD.

    The download and install was seamless on Win 7 x64. Installing D3D through safe more was also no problem. The snapshots are instant and so is start up of the machine.

    I have not run much that stress the box but this far I didn’t have to register anywhere or wait for confirmation emails. Plus I also didn’t have to pay a cent. The config changes such as memory and cores are easy and the display changes are also a breeze. I’ve got to say that it would have been nice if I discovered this two years ago when it came out.

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