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End of the week.

I think for many this will be a week to remember.

Passing of Steve Jobs

I didn’t personally know Steve Jobs, I know of him. Over the last few years I read articles on his approach to business and his creativity. I’ve seen a couple of Videos of his and he did appear to be a very confident person. Over the last few days I’ve read more about him than I did up to this point and I’m definitely going to get a copy of his authorized biography. I never knew of his spiritual believes or eating, in my mind it does explain a lot about the clarity and focus that one can achieve.

If you haven’t seen this yet.

What a legacy…

Other interesting things that happened this week.

I’ve been trying to get hold of a few interesting books. One of them which I did get hold off. Twelve Lessons in Modern Magick by Michael Kraig. Now that I’ve started reading this I see I need to get hold of a tarot deck. Argh, now I first need to wait to order that.

I’ve also learned about Unity3D. It’s not that recent but it’s a great tool to play around with if you are into building games. You can spend your time on the game and let the engine take care of the rest. You can also develop for a wide variety of platforms.



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