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A week to remeber (and it’s only Monday!)

I’m over the 2012 fear movement, it doesn’t mean that I don’t think something will happen but I don’t life is as accurate as pointing to a specific date and time. Why do I mention this, well , I might not be too concerned with 2012 but I am excellent at making remembering things. I can remember that in end time a certain group of people would have been selected and they would go in advance to wherever the greater place might be, this will depend on your religious bias of course.

In the news today is the death of Dennis Ritchie. You can call him the inventor of the C programming language.

Now just like 2012 is supposed to signal the end of a period I think in a BIG sense the end of the period is the period where these type of creators, like Dennis and again to go back to Steve Jobs. These were original thinkers and people who changed lives significantly, so maybe there is one guy who reads the blog that think aah I’ve got nothing to do with IT. Honestly, in this century everyone plays a part, maybe not on the programming side but as the end-user of some sort of system.

Last week I decided to get back to some  C++ programming, very basic text games etc. But I read a bit about the creator of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup. Ofcourse this language although it has many new concepts that C didn’t have it is based on the C langauge.  What Bjarne could achieve was due to Dennis and likewise to the people at bell. Surely there might have been others but there weren’t, so if this was by some design how knows.

The point if any that I’m trying to make is that the era for those people who created IT is coming to a close. I’m sure there are a million or so students that now have the ability to do the same as Dennis, Bjarne or Steve did. But they are not the old school kind.

I compare them to the DBAs of the future that don’t know dos but I also believe in the same breath that maybe powershell is to become the replacement for that.

I certainly don’t know how to write my own programming langauge , or make an ipod or contemplate supermassive blackholes. (If something should happen to Stehpen Hawking). Not to mention those not in the IT space like Amy Winehouse. I think she did a lot to bring the style of Jazz into the spotlight once again that people did in an earlier era, note she didn’t invent it though but she put paved the way for Adele, Duffy and Gabriella Cilmi and other woman who rely on their vocals instead of taking their kit off to promote their music.

Maybe all of the above is more indicative of my age and my generation, the end of an ERA and me heading on to join the obituaries.

Who is Justin Beiber anyway ?

If there is one thing I’ve learned from Blogging it is that, I keep on spelling remebering wrong. Darn dyslexia !

Note: Stephen & Bjarne and other people alive mentioned in this mail. I wish only health to you!


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