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 two days ago I didn’t know what this meant.

Two days ago my wife bought a great book on yoga. Yoga is one of the challenges I would eventually like to be good in. I’d say I’m pretty flexible but when it comes to Yoga I think I should redefine or rethink what flexible is. The point however it not Yoga or flexibility.

The point is, Leukocytosis.What is Leukocytosis. It’s handy to have that in the clipboard.

In extreme basic terms; When you eat cooked food the white blood cells all travels to what it think is toxins in your intestines. When the white cells are in your intestines it’s not in the rest of your body which means it’s leaving the rest of your body pretty vulnerable. I can imagine they are having a nice roller coaster of a time if you eat cooked brekky with nice fried eggs, bacon and maybe even a some friend mushrooms and tomato and maybe a pork sausage or banger depending if you are from the UK or US, this roller coast happens then again at lunchtime when you eat a takeout and again at dinner.

Even if your food is relatively healthy it’s the cooking that cause this.

If you google it you find it very well described and documented. As with anything in life there are those for it and those against. Nothing new…

I’ve investigated a vegan diet before and after reading up on it many people said they haven’t been to the doctor in ages, some for years! Going to the doctor is one thing but if you don’t get sick at all, that is a plus. In my budget doctors fees or classified as medical because spending 40$ on flu medicine means the same to me. My bill for this is big enough to give it a try.

I’ve also found a few blogs on it on people trying to get the word out there. I’ve given it a try in fact. Started last night. I picked a helping of brocoli, it seemed the most fun. I can’t say that it was bad, I’ve eaten much worse tasting things in my life before.

To good health.

Since I’m campaigning for facts VS opinions. Here is another good site.


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