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Handy blog and a chip vendor in my office.

If there is one thing I like about a blog it has to be the fact that it’s on the internet!

If I look at my Hotmail account I opened it in the year 2000, little did I know that Hotmail will be such an important part of my life.

How I’ve used it.

When I buy games etc. online I have a folder that I keep ALL correspondence. Shipping things to Africa from Amazon is a high risk activity and you bet your bottom you will be sending emails back and forth for claims, refunds or resending the items. I remember this was the case when I bought a series of game programming books the Andre LaMothe series. I never received the books and after several emails and thanks to my Hotmail correspondence I managed to convince them to send me a new set.

For digital downloads and other purchases my special Hotmail has always been the vault for serials and logins.

I’ve recently added other information such as scripts or docs that you always need handy.

It’s become more key to living than a bank account to be honest. excluding the funds in the account that is. After some password breach I had to revisit the usage and sadly it’s never been the same. The online briefcase that is available is in any country and to everyone! (I have shared a password with my mom or and [edit:an error worth fixing because I’m not that sort of person] wife) in order for them to download or lookup items for me when I’m not online.  I seriously think there is a market for a proper briefcase that you can arrange files , storage valuable keys etc.

The problem is it will have to come from a VERY reliable host. The first thing they need is just a rumor, and I mean a rumor honestly look at Wikipedia. I was reading a paper on US Military and they work towards discrediting companies by using the internet and starting rumors. a Week later I heard about a password published in Wikileaks’ book and that it seriously jeopardise the security of WikiLeaks providers. Case closed , anyone who ever thought of leaking info will think twice with just a rumor. Science can’t even agree on benefits of sunshine because of rumors, there is no way an online briefcase would survive a rumor which brings us right back into the dark ages, step 1 of security. Physical security i.e. flash drive.(Which I used heavily untill it ended up in the laundry…)

It’s a pity though that rumor can spread so easy and effectively on the web. It waste a lot of time finding out the truth but it’s still do-able.

On the Hotmail subject and the subject of this post.

This blog is fast becoming a very handy storage area like Hotmail used to be. A virtual office perse, I can create pages and only I can see it or see the files. This might come in handy. There is the alternative to always hide the truth right in the open, in a post or page. With so much junk online people will be none the wiser.

I’ll be storing my secret formula. It’s not that secret but outlook notes can’t be seen on the net which is a pity (yes I know.. web outlook is available).

2*((2*x)-1) + (2*(1+x)) 

At least untill I can do a post about it, since I think it’s worth posting.

I have also emailed this to my Hotmail , good ol’ Hotmail. Just in case.

I wish Microsoft could do away with all the junk adverts on the Hotmail page and tidy it up. Honestly like you need more money ? Google can keep their home page (not Gmail) ad free. It’s honestly a pity that Gmail has ads.

Come on, if Gmail or Hotmail is like my online office then ads is like the some guy coming off the street into my office and try to sell me junk’n’all.

He won’t make it pass security. Why can’t Gmail and Hotmail do the same.


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