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Biker call for cappuccino cream please, Virgin says no.

So a bunch of bikers shot up on another…

The complete article from Reuters

The strangest thing for me is that this fight was territorial. Everyone knows these guys are serious about territory. But honestly, when the territory becomes the local Starbucks. That’s a bit odd. The territorial battle was about who is allowed to hang out there.

I can only blame it on the absolutely scrumptious chocolate chip cookies and a mochaccino with cream.

I would have expected bikers to drink something in the line of a sledge-hammer, yaar . That is hardcore.

But a double skinny frappuccino with cream. gosh.

Apparently it’s to die for.

On the serious side.

This is just crazy how something to so basic can cause people to kill one another. I had this thought the other day remembering a TV commercial of Isuzu cleaning up old weapons in Africa. They should completely destroy all the weapons on the planet. Honestly. Whether it’s kids shooting up one another and video games gets blamed or it’s these big kids with the bikes that kill one another or armies it just cause issues. Not to mention all the dodgy arms deals and the companies behind these war machines that costs triple that of the US national healthcare.

While on the money subject , there is obviously a market here for another more hardcore type of coffee shop serving bikers. If you become a member you can even get a cup holder for your Harley. Surely Harley should have some social responsibility to only sell motorbikes to responsible adults. This is where I like Sir Richard Branson. His idea of changing the world through business is the best I have heard yet. In his recent visit to NZ he commented on the top companies’ responsibility to the public and it’s staff. This was also as a comment on the OWS, occupy wall street movement. Honestly , people are busy enough to trying to make a living to have to do these protests. Big companies make enough money to afford the time to people to change the world accordingly. Invest back in humanity. It might not be possible to teach everyone but if some people needs a nanny than big conglomerates are the ones to do it. I like Sir Richard Branson, it sounds like he has his head in the right place. He has the experience which he got from his days dealing with British Airways. His book is a good read.

Speaking of reading, I won’t mind to get Steve Jobs biography for Xmas, kick back  and have a cup of coffee. Then again, depends where I get it it might kill me.


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