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Nay saying, doomsday and a 7bil population

First of all I’m going to start off with the interesting reason behind the heading. I was busy research all kinds of folklore when I stumbled onto the recurring numbers in folklore. One of these recurring numbers in myth and folklore is repeating 3. 3 Blind mice, 3 Piggs etc. You can read more on this subject on Wikipedia. This repeating 3 system is also used in comedy and also used by politicians. There is some magic around this number and thus the phrase used in the topic is also in 3’s. It makes for an interesting read and be sure to head onto Wikipedia for this.

The subject of folklore and three also bring my to another topic of translation. I’ve read some of the history of ancient Greece and a myth about a guy who wanted to marry a woman (nothing new there). However she wasn’t interested. (nothing new here either). Interesting how the same effect can be acheived using 4, or 2×2 so is 3 really that special . Thus he challenged her to a race, she was a superior runner so she didn’t mind entering the race. The guy knowing this consulted Aphrodite who gave him some golden apples to put along the way , then on race day the woman was busy looking at the apples and the guy ultimately ended up winning the race. This is just the background though, the translation comes in where both the guy and the woman (who did end up getting married) got cursed by Aphrodite and here is the punchline, the got turned into lions because at the time it was believe that lions cannot mate with others lions. The symbology of this is two lions sitting and facing one another.

My point on translating this somewhat strange-looking lions facing one another is that you would think it might be twins or that it is a father and mother. They are not the central figure of the symbology used and are much smaller than other carvings. Basically if you don’t know the exact context your translation will be off. Another example is my account of the story about the golden apples (which also appears common in folklore, snow-white, Garden of Eden etc. )

Giving you the simple example above brings me to the translation of Hieroglyphs and other ancient languages which describes pending doom. It is one thing looking at the past and make accurate or seemingly explainable predictions about what happened. I’ve read the Orion Prophecy by Patrick Geryl. He is making use of a lot of people’s work and in many ways I almost compare myself to him. He has a good hunch and follows it upon which he come to conclusions.  The conclusions seem to correspond to some pending doom to happen. I believe that there are some truth to it, mostly because he relies on good research of other people but he tries to connect the dots which is a fun thing to do.

Dan Brown also connected a lot of dots in his books and I believe most of it has a very accurate source but at the end of the day it is based on the past. It’s easy to build stories around the past. People realise they are wrong usually generations later. Take the example of thinking the earth is flat. It was very much a common thing to believe and what happened. People realised the world is not flat. You need to absorb everything and make your own decisions and also remember the great phrase from the secret of the UFO.

He who follows his heart will always prevail.

You can translate a lot of things but stories tends to get tails so unless it’s from the horses mouth. Take caution.

In the grand design of life I make my own assumptions. For instance, people who live in the sticks will also need a chance for salvation. Salvation in the sense that there is more to life than what meets the eye.  Even if our divine knowledge was lost at some stage, the Creator would have had to prepare for that fact. Thus in complete isolation there has to be a view to reach enlightenment. I like the eating program that was based on this such as eating the food that resembles an organ will benefit that specific organ. Examples of this is eating beans will help kidneys, eating a tomato with 4 chambers like the heart will aid your heart and eating beetroot that looks like the liver and blood will help your blood. This is very intesting to because it says that we should be able to reach our own conclusions without anyone telling us what to think.

Its short of a miracle or sheer ignorance that tons of people can believe in a system without asking themselves, is this true.

For instance, I saw a lot of things on Mormons, a couple of TV adds, a flyer under my door and somebody talking about it at work. I thought this to be synchronicity so I head on over to Wikipedia to read about it, the system which is extremely recent is based on golden plates from which the book of Mormon was written. These plates don’t exist anymore and didn’t exist for long. Such enough as some people might say it’s a great ensemble if it’s purely creative writing. But believing in something which has such little to no evidence is a bit of a stretch.

Some books are older or more enduring but even those when you look will have several versions. The further you go back the more the work is translated , again. If you are a person saying I don’t believe in Patrick Geryls translations you need to remember in the same breath that the bible was also translated several times, not only by many people but by institutions, institutions that receives money for printing , distribution and some times purely money from the content.

It’s definitely a tough one to look at and it makes you wonder.

I’d be very interested to study ancient Hebrew in order to read some works in its pure form. But even if I could read Hebrew fluently, I don’t have the context.  We need to rely on built-in tools to guide us and hone those skills because it’s the only truth.

The prediction is out that some time in Oct we will hit 7Bil people, that’s a lot of moms and dads and children. I didn’t quite know where are the people are coming from, (not in that way…) I mean the continent. I’ve been in South-Africa, United Kingdom and Australia and New Zealand. In total only about 100 mil people. Where does the other 6.9 billion people live!

My personaly reason for having kids, well that’s a long story but I certainly won’t have more kids since I have a moral obligation to provide for them. The less kids the more I can provide in terms of opportunity. So I figured it must be in other richer countries or better earning parents.

Big nope.

800 mil people lives on less than 2$ a day in India, yet they have bigger families. The other big country, china. I always imagine China and India to be on the US payroll. This is because most companies in these countries are partially or wholly owned by US. They also serve as the manufacturing arm for US developed products. How many ipods, children toys, computers, mobiles, TV or hifis do you own. Turn it around and look on the back.

So how does this led to growing into bigger families and living under conditions that they do. Unfortunately I am not smart enough to grasp this. The appears to be a part my wiring that does not compute. I cannot change the way that those countries think or the people who have more babies. But I reckon there is going to be problems if we keep on doing things the same way we have always done it.

Again reflecting back on the master plan of the Creator, if enlightenment was built into the individual in order to allow for enlightenment in isolation then surely the Creator has other built-in methods to allow for solving a population that cannot support itself, which brings me back to the start of the story.

Answers cannot be given. It has to be experienced and learned in order to raise your vibration. I’m aware that I still have so much to learn and I hope can guide others in my process of learning.



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