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Old school

I had many experiences as a kid that I seem to remember as much more extravagant as when reliving it as an adult.

Not that I would call myself an adult except for the age factor.

I’ve recently went to a planetarium to take my kids, I can’t say that it was purely for them, I’ve been keen to go to one to brush up on some constellations and get a feel for the night sky and even pick up a telescope from the curio shop for the kids.

I understand a specific dilemma to sticking up charts on the wall. It reminds me of documentation for systems in IT. It tends to get outdated by the time the ink dries. Outdated, is the incorrect words. My apologies, unless it’s the general theory of relativity claiming nothing travels faster than the speed of light.

The papers are not outdated , they are simply a tip of the ice-Berg.  One can easily get more information online and for free. The information online is also up to date, revised and commented complete with references and new discoveries. It’s really hard for any institution that relies on printing to keep information up to date for displays.

So what is to happen to these institutions, should they only focus on the basis and try to rework explanations on it. Should it become more practical and allow for experimentation, it is only the physical that you cannot achieve online, you cannot taste or touch or build your own online.  The senses.  There is a good reason why you swipe a page turn on the ipad, it’s to remind us of what we are used to.

What I enjoy of the institutions is close to an extract out of the Bill Bryson’s History of nearly everything, in the planetarium you see people scurry by in what could have been a lab coat with a  stack of papers while trying to decipher something on the other hand. The passion of real people and their passion for their work on the brink of science cannot be copied by any device or technology.

I recommend that these institutions focus on what the internet cannot provide, provide the emotion and senses stimulation which cannot be done online. Focus on inspiring people who can reinvest their passion back into the institution.

The pro’s which you cannot get from home is to use the big telescopes, chat to real scientists and feed of their passion. I’ve also enjoy a library collection, curiously featuring a whole bunch of books from Helena Blatavsky.


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