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Blame Game.

Honestly who is pointing the finger.

I find the term hacker much more common in the news these days. Just in the recently articles hackers are getting blamed for just about anything that happens. The ambiguous terms referring to actually no single individual but all IT folks if you ask me.

When a leak occurs in a gas pipe, it was a hacker who took control of the system and manipulated the pressure. It some water treatment facilities left households without water then it’s a hacker who obviously fooled around with the system. Most folks first of all should take a click over to Wikipedia and familiarize themselves with the term hacker.

The facebook thing, well that’s debatable. Even facebook is pointing the finger at the flaws of browsers. But why were they targeted. That’s another story.

I think hacker is uncommon to the masses and the general population don’t have the faintest clue. The blame game puts a blame on everyone associated to work in the field of IT, my opinion of course. If the media states that hacker xyz is responsible for some terrible results then how are you to be any wiser on the truth. This is exactly why the term is being used in my opinion, there is still no real difference between hacker and cracker aside from a moral compass, and when it comes to morals we are entering an even more grey area.

The moral compass and the difference between the two is done by comparing them directly one to the other but what if you compare a cracker (notoriously a goodie-two-shoes) to a priest or rabbi. Then the cracker is not as clean and the rabbi, then again. With all the child molestation and whatnot picking a priest is probably not such a good example.

The point that I am trying to make, hacker, government, mass media. You decide to which you want to tune your moral compass.

Just like you cannot comprehend the work of the divine, similarly , claims made by  media, government and hackers should be carefully researched before anyone jump to conclusions.

I’m reminded by the phrase from fight club.

We remove your garbage, we connect your calls, we serve you are restaurants, we do your coms and networking, we write your banking platforms, we hide your dirty tricks, honestly why did the cables get leaked. Because the guy who support his wife and three children got tired of supporting those morally challenged.

Then again, depending on which side you pick , you can vilify almost any act or any person.




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