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Blast from the past

I can easily close my eyes and remember the first time that I saw the settlers game.

The year was around 1996  and I was visiting a friend , we had just opened the  PC format mag and started going through the book and found the CD included. Thinking about it I’m sure there was plenty of other game demos on the CD but I have no idea how I came about it.

We ended up installing settlers 2.

Literally hours later I had to go home  :/ given the addiction I had to get a copy which I soon did. I would have never thought that this humble game and a demo of battle isle with some hardcore rocker band would make such an impression. I also would have never thought that I can still find this enjoyable 6 years later.

I’m reliving the past due to me stumbling onto Virtualbox from Oracle. PS ; although this is where it started I didn’t end up using it. It’s just too slow even with 128mb gfx assigned to it plus all of my 8 cores and 8gb ram of the host. Obviously something is wrong since the 3D is clunky , the mouse drives jump all over the place in some games etc.

So how did I do it ( since you can’t install it on windows) , Good o’l DOSBox. I hope the guys over there don’t die out because it will a major loss since.

SO what are quality games made off, games that you can play and find competitive 6 years later. You can still easily spend 40+ hours since things don’t move any faster than they did in 1996, unless you run the speed hack obviously.

The game style is still great, unchanged classic. I tried playing the anniversary edition, but I didn’t enjoy it. So back to old school.

It’s been the first time I could run it on max resolution though so that’s a nice change.

Even with DosBox emulating a 16 bit OS running on 64 bit Win 7. I can tab in and out to my hearts content. The game haven’t crashed or given me any errors, not once. Not ones ladies and gents, this is how games used to be made.

O sure.. hardware is more complex but honestly if we can make complex hardware surely we should be able to program equally complex i.e. without bugs and crashes.

I never finished this classic , not yet at least but I definitely will this time round.

Hats’ off to the guys over at bluebyte. I’ll definitely upgrade my new settlers 7 from the Skidrow version just because you make such awesome games and I’m clearly a fanboy.

I’ve also been searching the local ebays and sites in order to get copies of each one since it’s definitely worth collecting.




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