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Settlers or Skyrim

Merry Christmas,

I got a copy of Skyrim for xmas. Fan-tas-tic. I’m only several hours in but it looks good. It is a bit grey, but then again so is most games from Bethsoft, fallout had the same greyness to it. I’m sure there is a technically term that has something to do with the engine. However, to me it’s grey.

The dungeons and caves honestly have more more rich colour than the outside. Did I mention everything outside is grey ?

Cool game though, I can see myself having plenty of fun and exploration in it. So for now I’m spending my free time between those two games. I still need to finish the original settlers.

Between the happy and festive moods of xmas I still keep the possibility of a year with many changes ahead. I try to keep an open mind on the whole 2012 idea. I think for now it’s quiet since commercially there are other opportunities to be exploited such as xmas and coming new year and then valentines day.

This year we had one of the hottest days for the last 20 years , hottest by the specific day.  It’s still very clear that the weather is changing , then again it’s meant to change.

I do the things I’ve wanted to do, besides finishing the odd game, I’ve explored a radio controlled toys, flew a kite with the kids, it was their first time so that was wholly awesome +10. I don’t think my 2 year old quite grasped what was going on or how it works but she had a ball.  I’ve picked up a cheap telescope to look at the sky.

The new year is around the corner, celebrate with care and enjoy it like a child and hopefully with friends or family that will still be your friends through thick and thin.





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