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Are you ready to change in the year of the Dragon and Steve Jobs.

Happy new year,

My Skyrim hours have steadily been climbing. Much fun… I’m enjoying the game more and more and I’ve decided to just mission about. I have no idea (in-game at least) of the main quest. I’m exploring the lush world and caverns and enjoying the time the developers spend adding detail.

Skyrim is slowly lifting it’s vale of greyness to reveal a great awesomeness. If it continues as it does I’m afraid it the morrowind series will move into nr 1.  into my books as the best series ever. The title is currently held by the avatar and Ultima. Ultima has a slightly more personal feel because you were always the same character . In the Morrowind series you are different characters. I’m not quite sure if I can find something to connect the dots between the games, (aside from Tamriel of course).

Then I’ve been reading the biography of Steve Jobs, what an awesome book. I suppose an awesome life. I find it extremely good that on each page Steve’s quest for enlightenment is so prevailing. It will definitely wake people to what can be achieved if one is enlightened. That’s the thing about enlightenment, you will never believe you are.

I have wondered how would we spot Jesus if he lived today. How would HE be influencing our lives in the modern times. Then again Jesus never made people’s lives easier by teaching them technology or the increased use of tools. But then again, much do I really know about Jesus.

That’s the beauty of thought I suppose.

If you are awake and you know that we are in the year 2012 , there is enough prophecy in this year than both of the above mentioned subjects , including Skyrim and Ultima.  Change is happening so they say, some might refer to humankind moving into other dimensions or a vibrational shift. Who knows how 2012 will pan out. All I can say is that there is change going on  and clearly so.

Find your own opinions and make informed decisions.



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