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The Fringe

I was never one to get the information at the right time.

This is definitely the case for the fringe, I obviously completely bypassed the commercial for the series. I’m not that fond of television though. Mostly because television is a complete waste of time.

By the way did I mention how much I’m enjoying Skyrim…

So, I wouldn’t enjoy this show nearly as much if I had to sit through hours of tv commercials during each episode. I’m also only mentioning this as it reminds me of some famous words.

Hide it right in the open

This is why television is important, real things are commercialised and brought under common public understanding, just enough so to make every possible reality of it a laughable matter. It also makes everyone an “expert” enough in order to write complete mambo-jumbo about it on the internet and water down what ever real information there was.

It’s a series I thoroughly enjoy, if you are into some of the black ops science stuff review by the likes of the camelot project, this should be lots of fun to watch.


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