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New Age Media

I’ve been happy with the amount of new age media, articles on enlightenment and practical how to videos on YouTube,until now.

I can’t seem to find anything out of the ordinary interesting to read. I remember first coming to terms with the weird and wonderful. It was awesome, there was not enough time in a day to read and learn as much as you can, I wanted to get to them bottom of every mystery that the earth had to offer.

Enough is enough.

There are two sides to this coin, either I’ve read enough on the subject and somehow without knowing realised that the truth will never quite be known  (unless it’s a simple matter of fact)  such as “I bumped the glass over and spilled whatever was inside”. It’s a pretty plain example but it could get complex as to find out why the glass was bumped over in the first place.

Without deviating from the point, I think that there is definitely a point where you have to know enough to make good assumptions and be able to deduce things for yourself based on past experiences.

I’ve once read the interesting bit from Mark Twain, it goes something like this.

The person who touches a hot plate will never in his life touch another, but will also refrain from touching a cold one. It’s accurate enough, figuratively.

One the other side of the coin.

I find that many people who were very active in the field of new age has gone commercial. I don’t know if this could be the ultimate defeat and irony for those who claim that the ego is the most dangerous bit of our being.  There are a lot less good content available , then again maybe I’m not looking anymore.

A word of advice and thanks.

You can follow any of your favourite new age celebs  , go to their forums. It’s the people that keep them alive. The forum readers contributing tons of content that ultimately live on. Ultimately it reminds me of an idea I had for  an ironic picture.

I was sitting and watching RTV , I love Russian news…  the story covered the events in Syria and Cairo. There was a scene of discussion between some political leaders between conflicting nations.

The politicians were sitting in their designer suites with their thousand dollar cufflinks and slave polished shoes. They sit and drink high tea out of their silverware  worth more then what countries have been invaded for.

My point, while they discuss their big plans back and forth trying to decide their piece of the riches to be distributed the people is dying in the street.  Again, I’m reminded by the Charlie Chaplin barber speech.

Soldiers don’t fight for these men, these machine men.

Honestly the only thing we have in this world is people that live out their normal lives and struggles with day to day things like the person next to them and in the equality we can find peace.

But currently we are told to hate one another,  I’m told someone is endangering my economy by directly selling oil and bypassing the USD,

I’ve decided to leave that for another post as I don’t feel all into writing negative blame game stuff right now.




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