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Let there be light or no light

I like thinking about how we can make the world a better place.

Some time ago I thought about making an automatic light switch that has a build in motion \ thermo sensor. Basically what this will do is that if you turn you light on in the bedroom the light will stay on as long as there is motion or a thermo signature in the room.

Thus once you leave the room both conditions will fail and the light will turn off. Simple. Save power.

Whilst on the subject of light.

I’ve been playing with the optic fiber from an old broken Xmas tree. That must be a sad representation of something but it’s true. Even xmas trees that was once part of a happy celebration gets recycled at end of life… I feel a pixar movie coming on….

Anyhow, so while I was playing with this I looked up the refraction and loss of light. It’s pretty minimal *duh* if you do anything on the internetz then you will understand how this is true since you get your data.. So the light loss is tiny tiny basically some decimal point number.

How does my idea come into play.

If you can pipe light this way, why don’t we build a massive pipe from the one side of the world to the other. Basically while it’s day on the one side, you can channel light from “over there” to the other side. It travels at the speed of light, right?

So lets say that building this pipe would be too pricey, how about using mirrors. There’s been funky things built on mirrors, from Plato’s? mirror ray setting galleys on fire to power plants in France.

Basically I’ve never done much further on the idea, luckily someone did.



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