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Mission for a missionary

I like a good story as much as the next guy , especially when it comes to conspiracy stuff!

I’ve never really paid to much attention to missionaries, I’ve known a person here and there that have been connected with one.

In many books I’ve read how missionaries moved to a specific area to educate and do their “business”. You can see this with the colonization of New Zealand for instance. The locals were doing perfectly fine but when the dutch came here they had to be taught “culture” , i.e. churches , schools and education. Basically sticking a big fat all you can eat westernization lollipop into the locals mouths.

Given how they didn’t have guns (the locals that is) I’m sure they agreed, out of free will of course.


Look at Africa, other countries always want to stick their paws out to help and how do they do this, they setup missionaries. If I was David Icke I’d rhyme missionaries with mercenaries in order to get my point across, but I’m not. Even with terrorism as it is, be it 90% false threat. (Don’t get me wrong I think there are plenty of dodgy people who gets high on destruction, I can relate since I was a teenager.) , back to my point. Even with terrorism as it is you can very easily by comparison get into almost any country while endorsed by a specific religious sect.

So, being a missionary allow you to move in and out of countries pretty easily. I mean it’s not like the H1B VISA. There is a great youtube video by Micho Kaku on that topic.

Back in the day when the world was full or magic and the divine, before Newtonian physics and determinism. This was when people were spiritual, when human kind could achieve anything. We could have perhaps solved some health \ hunger issues. Somewhere during this time we got into the habit of wanting to force our opinions onto other people (a blog is not like that since you have the choice to read).

If there is a major conspiracy and an ultimate group who wants to control the world. The way to do it is to educate people into seeing the world through your eyes, if you need to control the masses in poverty, create religion in order to keep people grounded because you can be poor but at least be rich in your faith. Give people medicine in order to drive addiction and establish a foothold through massive pharmaceutical companies who never runs short of supply.

Before I shoot down my own theory I’m reminded of how the G8 Summit has done absolutely nothing for Africa. They have made dictators millionaires I’m sure.

If there is good to come out of it. Get your bum over there to fix it, and not with a gun like you did in Afghan, gosh. Should I go into how the US and UK funded and trained the Taliban. I won’t need to go into the details since it’s all on wikipedia.

If the world is like a big family, a family is the only social dynamic in my opinion that works. A normal family i.e. I can’t comment on gay marriages. A family has a father , mother and some children.

If I see something in a family that is not quite how I do things in my family I don’t move into their house , put sanctions on their spending or where they draw their salary from the feed their children. I don’t run through the neighbourhood quickly making up the neighbours minds and impressing upon them how wrong my neighbour is in Nr 27. and that if they don’t have sanctions (i.e. skipping their BBQ on the weekend) then I won’t give them a lift club anymore.

If I was that neighbour, I’d have no friends but somehow none of my neighbours have the BALLS to say anything , and luckily the neighbours are so busy fighting over the scraps from my previous BBQ that they don’t have the time to put 1 and 1 together.

Really awkward silence…. 






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