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Edward Leedskalnin

An interesting guy.

Rumor has it that Mr Edward who was a bit of  recluse, had the capability which he discovered, blah… feel free to read the entire article on wikipedia, I’m not in the business of duplicating content.


I thought I’d read the works that he published, he wrote pamphlets. Some strange stuff but he did make a really good point in one.

As long as you pay taxes you can VOTE. That would be a very fair  system, I like it. Take South-Africa as an example, why do people get to VOTE on what happens with my money when they are no contributing. I like very basic examples, I get to choose my choice of lunch even though I did not contribute to the pot.

Obviously basic examples such as the above doesn’t cater for Birthdays 🙂

Then again, given the political systems currently in place and the need to control the general population . The non banking or non-tax paying demographic can swing an election when promised that come next election they will be better off than they are now!

It’s interesting what this guy did with rocks though!



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