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About myself and everyone else.

Nice ride…

So, I live in Wellington, NZ.

I’ve lived and work in a couple of places of my life, Sandton JHB , Durban , Pretoria all in South Africa. London, Gold Coast, Brisbane Australia and in 2011 I’ve added Wellington to the list.

I’ve loved every day of it since.

ImageGiven that I work in town and I don’t fancy the bus system purely because I have to sit and wait. I’ve never tried it in NZ but the idea freaks me out.

So to overcome my situation with buses I bought a scooter  in 2011, but now, in 2012 I’ve upgraded to something a little bigger, I had to since I’ve moved out of town.

I’ve been dealing with the guys over at , both times I had an awesome experience, I can understand why people drive their bikes all the way over NZ to have them services here in Wellington.

So I “invested” and a bike S40 Suzuki, or should I say , invest in an experience.

I took it out on the weekend for a short drive to Kaitoki park. It’s not too far but it’s a decent enough trip to be in the mood for more.

If you are ever in Wellington and you need a ride, head on over to the great people at Wellington motorcycles. It’s an absolute pleasure dealing with them.


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