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Solution to a problem.

Whether I go to a meeting or if I’m trying to decide how to act on behaviour problems of my toddlers I try to think of a problem solution type of way. It’s of no use to complain about a situation without giving a solution.

This is the specific item that I like about the thrive movie. I have to add to this that the solution is not clear-cut or very tangible that you can tick it off your list of things to do and it’s covered in 5 minutes in the greater 2 and somewhat hours of the rest of the movie.


It is an attempt, which is good.

Thrive is your normal known plot conspiracy about conglomerates and secret societies ruling the world and having an agenda for their own good (nothing new here move along). I do like how they use graphical illustrations and really put it in a very simple to understand way.

Where as ancient aliens was great in content, it’s not something I could show to my parents and tell them to draw the paradigm between what we are told is real and reality. Thrive does this is a very nice way. It shows the simple problem outline and the reasoning behind it, it also covers the material in a nice timeline and it doesn’t jump around between bits of information.

I believe it will do to unveiling of the “new world order” how “the secret” and “what the bleep do we know” did for bridging science and spirituality. It’s also a pretty feel good movie, where other movies in the same genre like Zeitgeist made you feel a little depressed or even psycho.

It’s something I can show my folks and say, see, I told you.

There are some good references on it.

I’m sure like most media on the topic there are ways to debunk certain items or find plausible agendas. I have not put much effort into this.

I enjoyed the movie. Plus it’s free.

I can’t force you to watch it and I have very little intention to do that.

However, if you have an interest in the subject or a good amount of knowledge on it. It’s worth the two hours.

If you are into this type of thing and you are in NZ drop me a mail.



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