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Monthly Archives: May, 2012

The day I lost my faith in Google

That was actually yesterday but I didn’t have time to post about it! We all know that google probably snoop our mail for business purposes, whether that’s request for business … Continue reading

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To Kindle or Not to.

Last year I bought a Kindle. I really enjoy having it, when reading books that is. I only have 2 proper kindle books, the epub versions, 1 of which is … Continue reading

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Index Build

I’ve mentioned the dmv sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks before. This view you can see the current waiting tasks on your system, most of the time this view is used to spot waits currently … Continue reading

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Remote viewing

This is obviously a very interesting subject. The art of remote viewing is the ability to see at a distance, since time in the metaphysical world is ┬ánot quite what … Continue reading

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Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy

Don’t panic The first thing that came to mind when I read this article is the above. In the beginning of the movie, the dolphins leave the planet. (i.e. the … Continue reading

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Julian Assange I enjoy some good television just as much as the next person. I also enjoy listening to these opinionated people and see if my worries for the future is … Continue reading

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