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To Kindle or Not to.

Last year I bought a Kindle.

I really enjoy having it, when reading books that is. I only have 2 proper kindle books, the epub versions, 1 of which is a help guide on the kindle. The rest of my library which is around 60 books is all made up of word , pdf and other type of documents.

The problem with the kindle is that since I’ve got the small one, the scale of a PDF is terrible and I have to rotate it in order to read it and even doing that I need to press turn page to scroll down about 3 -5 times to get to the bottom of the page. I also lose my place I do this, I don’t know why but it’s rather annoying.

Maybe it’s due to this reason why I don’t use it as much as I could be using it. I’ve got an ipad, which I can’t read with because it’s too bright. Sure I can turn down the brightness but honestly it’s a hassle when I want to quickly flick through to the web to research something and I can’t see, then I need to turn up the brightness again.

In addition to the above I’ve also lost a serial for some downloadable games which I bought about 2 years ago, “Grand Ages Rome”.

The problem now is that I can’t download it again.

When I was working for the Casino business I did a business plan to start selling virtual goods, this is to buff the player with certain bonuses , I think it’s a pretty awesome idea and since you only need to develop these goods out of thin air, much like Diablo III is doing with their auction house. It’s 100% profit, sure you have to pay a developer but how many skins can a random generator generate if a random generator could generate random skins.

Anyhow, MY POINT is.

I don’t like buying goods on Kindle anymore or goods that’s in the cloud. Because if the cloud , the company that owns that cloud goes bust or the cloud gets vaporized by a solar flare I’m out of pocket and I’ve got nothing in return, except for the blisters on my thumb for pressing page down 5 million times and a lame thumb on my other hand for trying to lie down a holding an ipad in it while reading a novel.

Virtual goods is awesome but only if you are the one selling it.

I’d rather take a chicken thanks and if some x class solar flare roasts it, it’s still good for dinner 🙂


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