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The day I lost my faith in Google

That was actually yesterday but I didn’t have time to post about it!

We all know that google probably snoop our mail for business purposes, whether that’s request for business from the FB-aiiight or their own.

This I don’t particularly mind since I don’t have any state secrets.

More recently I saw the activity on Eric Schmidt on asteroid mining and backing all kinds of ventures for gain more money. Not to mention his involvement in Barak Obama who knows what dirty tricks they are getting up to. It’s never good when major business has a finger in the pie of the government, it’s exactly that which has got the US into their JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs dilemma.

Now the tycoons want to mine asteroids, honestly guys when is enough enough?. Get a good book and go kick back somewhere in the Bahamas instead of who knows what collateral fallout there will be from mining the oceans or asteroids.

Then Google started this “Solve for X”, I thought wow this is amazing, let’s try to fix the world. Sounds good. Right ?

Then after browsing onto this I was disappointed.

It doesn’t solve anything for the masses. It covers how wi-fi can be improved. How we can make faster computers, robots, better cloud systems and mobile phones. Most of these ideas come from people in positions with close ties to Government, Military, NASA, Harvard… we all know the involvement of these institutions with human testing and other black ops projects. In saying that, since Google already has a finger in the pie since it was a major sponsor for the Barak Obama Campaign I’d not be surprised in their corroboration of reinforcing the existing military industry complex and the fascist government. Feel free to write about it and form your own opinion.

Looking at some examples from David Icke, I don’t particularly want to quote David Icke on much but if Google does serve you with your reality then I most certainly feel concern when those who serving my reality has ties with government, entrepreneurial goals to mine oceans and asteroids at who knows what cost to the world or universe, (the ocean mining is from a company that will operate close to Papa New Guinea).

I think the most ambitious plan came from the Bill Gates foundation, but then again he has strong ties with government too and when you develop aids cures supplied by the same pharmaceutical companies that does some of your Research and development then you can also ask the morality question.

Fixing aids is not solving the problem of the world, nor is free wi-fi or robots.

Sure you can argue that robots can clean up some toxic waste and wi-fi or satellite communicates can allow for remote doctor surgeries etc. However these things cost as much money as the GDP of small countries and all so it can be manufactured in China for a dollar and sold for a hundred and you can then buy it back at that premium.

It’s not about creating a better world, it’s about monetizing every single aspect of it. That’s the agenda.

The world doesn’t need these technological advances. As GDP is directly related to the most basic services such as *fresh* running water why don’t they solve that problem.  It’s not that they can’t, it’s that they won’t.  Don’t tell me that it can’t be solved because of political boundaries. These boundaries are moved around as they see fit when it suites, if Mom(UN) says no then ask Dad (NATO) if both of them says no then blame a technical problem with a drone or single out a soon to be retired military officer to take the fall or in the case of Iran get sanctions to prevent other trading oil in another currency and not the USD. Do whatever is needed in the name of “human rights” to create basic infrastructure in the world.

To add to this, a person can take any single item in this and make it out as a false and thereby trying to undermine the entire content. I don’t have proof that JP Morgan is evil 🙂 on the same note, did anyone ever see Hitler kill a person ? but one could potentially call him evil. Time will tell. In the future I’m sure the dictators of the 21st century will be the institutions funding both sides of the fence it’s like hedging but on a political scale. Like Ford during WW2 supplying both the US and Germany , milking the military cow.

Anyhow, the sun is peeping out and it’s warming up and it’s such a good day that I don’t feel like ranting.

Google -1


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