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Monthly Archives: June, 2012

If I wasn’t a DBA

Then I’d like to be a game programmer. Then again, I’d prefer to  design. I like to think about what works for games and what will work for society and … Continue reading

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Talk is cheap, apparently

Yesterday I followed some links from Wikipedia on the . This was sent to me by a friend to pose the problem as laid out above. Personally I believe capitalism can’t … Continue reading

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Friday afternoon reflection

This week was pretty good. It runs out the the US and Israel was behind Flame(r), (no surprise there). It also turns out publicly that yahoo and Microsoft also sell your details … Continue reading

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I love music I’ve been collecting music since I had a stereo \ hifi \ music system capable of playing music. I didn’t enjoy my parents’s music, at least not … Continue reading

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As I found my posts becoming more negative each time, negative might be a strong word. It’s purely uttering my frustration that those in power have no interest in the … Continue reading

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For and against.

A lot of assumptions can be made based on the behaviour of people. For instance. As a police car drives by two men in the area where  a woman’s handbag … Continue reading

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Aussie sells out.

Sure , this is only a part of Australia but the mines in the North have killed what’s left there. Now this, The problem with selling your soul a … Continue reading

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1000$ pledge.

I tell you what. I’m confident to take this pledge. I pledge that if Greece get out of the Eurozone and drop that Euro like it’s hot then in 10 … Continue reading

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