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Aussie sells out.

Sure , this is only a part of Australia but the mines in the North have killed what’s left there.

Now this,

The problem with selling your soul a little bit at a time is that you don’t really know it’s happening. There is only a gradual decay of what you may have left of values and when compromised one at a time it’s not noticeable . It’s kind of the human populations engagement with buy sub 10$ items, this is a massive market because 10$ is something that you carry around as small change, and with the wifi wave to pay cards this market is boosted. Items in this range is normally over priced. 3$ coffee ?! honestly.

So, as the gov’ner sells out one dot at a time pacman is not really doing damage, but if the ghosts don’t catch him, well then it’s game over for them, luckily they are dead already. Where in this case it is the future generations that will be affected by a premier selling out to get a slice of the coal pie.

Try to talk sense into Australian… let’s first try convince them that there is a US millitary base(pine gap) in the Alice Springs complete with agreed no fly zone, enormous power facilities and all kinds of who knows what.

I can only hope they don’t find a way to tap into that massive freshwater table in Australia otherwise that will be sold too.





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