Muller Jannie

About myself and everyone else.

For and against.

A lot of assumptions can be made based on the behaviour of people.

For instance.

As a police car drives by two men in the area where  a woman’s handbag was stolen they both start to run in different directions. Now in my opinion you can assume the following.

1 – They took the hangbag

2 – They realized at the very moment they had a train to catch leaving from different stations hence the scatter approach or perhaps one of the men knows a shortcut.

3 – They feel like exercising (are they dressed accordingly)

4 – They are up to no good.

So, assumptions none the less.

Vladimir Putin is put in charge  of the Kremlin, he doesn’t agree with ACTA and the other internet legislating policies however encourage the use of the internet for potential positive engagement with the public via a international body. (Not a bad idea).

Russia also decides to partner up with China, to take a non military stance on Syria.

There more examples, such attending not attending G8 \ G20 etc.

SO …

That is the scenario, next thing that happens is major firms with lots of $$ bails on Russia with the headline “Vladimir Putin” is driving economy into the ground.

BP bails, honestly … we all know that they are up to no good trying to cover up oil spills, I’m sure David Icke has a list 🙂

It will be interesting to see where this end up.



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This entry was posted on June 5, 2012 by in Makes no sense.
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