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As I found my posts becoming more negative each time, negative might be a strong word. It’s purely uttering my frustration that those in power have no interest in the better of humanity. A person like this, one who has power, whether that’s by influence, audience or money should act responsible to better the world without any trade-offs.


This brings me to another point which in theory doesn’t make sense.

New age “Harmony”

Many branches of the new age tree covers the historic event by means of myth or similar events. It paint the world as a place  of harmony where peace roamed. Thus within this contained harmony everything was in a balance it theoretically could be sustained indefinitely.

Indefinite – That is a terribly long time. Let’s leave this assumption for now.

Another flaw is that there are no literature that point to this time, none. There are also very little explainable artifacts of this era. This peaceful era. The pyramids and other stone monuments might date back to the times but inscriptions on this same timeline is filled with war. This is definitely not during the “harmonic” period. Maybe things were so harmonic that people just sat around braid one another’s hair while eating fruits and tripping at night to be production by our terms, i.e. create something that will last. Potentially given the indefinite sustainability this is possible that decay of what ever material they were using for shelter , seating etc is bio-degradable. Possibly. But leaving nothing for future generations also doesn’t seem to be on the agenda, i.e. formula for that harmony.

Another flaw is that in magic and new age spiritualism , the greater good or a positive outlook is powerful enough on a metaphysical level in order to change the harmony of the planet there by influence all being on the planet toward the positive scope.

An example of this is healing through meditation, healing through prayer and other forms of white magic. There are also major institutions and meditation centers around the world with the soul 🙂 purpose of sending positive energy where needed. I don’t doubt the truth of this power.

However, given this ability of positive thought to overcome negative thought and behaviour, it posit a question.

How did we get all stuffed up.

Let’s take a bunch of apples, let’s say we have 10 good applies and in the metaphysical world can convert a bad apple. Good power, positiveness and white magic has exponential factors. So 10 good applies can convert 30 bad apples, power of 3 fold as in most magic lore.

Now that our world (or the apple bowl) is set in harmonic motion it is set up to maintain the threshold of harmony. This will continue to convert bad apples.Let’s assume though that it’s not instant and that work is required. Let’s also assume that there is a possibility that before the work required can be completed the bad apples will have applied some of its own negative force or bad apples.

The problem here is that life is not black and white like this, in all honestly that negative or bad apple might not have been all bad, or might have had a separate opinion of good and this the 10 good apples were never really 10 good apples. There were 10 apples which then later as potentially due to geographic movement turned out to be pink lady apples , or those sour ones (bleh), all of which are good depending on the mood.

It could be due to this geographic relocation that we have lost focus or the potential ability of 10 apples in unison or agreement whether they are pink lady, red , green or those sour apples 🙂

It’s a pitty that it would appear that somewhere in this paradise which we called earth we implemented borders and along with those borders inequality and difference.

We are not really that different…

When I try to understand or figure something out I always go back in history to see how the first person did it. I can understand how the human population can scatter around the planet , however I fail to understand why we didn’t reunite like we do with an old friend. However I can contemplate how I would feel if my old friend now earns seven figures and is the owner of several fortune 500 companies. It can go wrong when dealing with finite resource.

How did resource get finite in infinite harmony.

I have also contemplated that perhaps some apples didn’t want to be here as per the believe of seeding the earth or intervention on human beings. This could potentially be a large influx of bad apples.

What’s bad. Selfishness.





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