Muller Jannie

About myself and everyone else.


I love music

I’ve been collecting music since I had a stereo \ hifi \ music system capable of playing music. I didn’t enjoy my parents’s music, at least not when I was younger. I’ve moved through the metal , which was only called metal at the time. From Sepultura, Slayer, Korn , Pantera to more alternative such as Metallica. I’m not sure if that classification is right but I then started moving into the acoustic tunes of Nirvana, which still had a good amount of screaming and a general paranoid outlook on things.

Then alternative rock, Oasis, Greenday, Blink…

The list of music which I enjoy is quite long.

Thus I absolutely enjoy spotify. Any song (well most, there’s plenty that I couldn’t find yet) but so far it’s more good than bad.

I obviously had to install this on a completely standalone system due to my of internet usage being monitored, but then again it’s not really paranoia but more fact. Especially given how facebook is integrated with Spotify.

Hey, at this point I get something for free. A streaming music service.

Whether you are into classical stuff or not, there is plenty to choose from.



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