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Friday afternoon reflection

This week was pretty good.

It runs out the the US and Israel was behind Flame(r), (no surprise there). It also turns out publicly that yahoo and Microsoft also sell your details to politicians.

Not to mention that we are using hard currency to spend on virtual names for top level domains. Honestly. I’m not going to go deep into the argument that all software can be considered as virtual goods, except for most software you get a CD \ DVD maybe a manual if you are lucky but you can take it home and put it under your bed 🙂 similar to what I do with money j/k .

However, TLD exists virtually as a layer , I don’t need to pay to have my name in a phonebook. So why the need to pay millions for TLD. I’ll obviously need to read more into the problem. I suppose it’s another monopolized system like ipv6 controlled and licensed by the powers that be.

Apart from all the fun above ex-soldier are discarding their medal of honor in public (which I think is a big slap in the face and a wake up call wtf is going on in the US). The only authority still in control in the US appears to be the local law enforcement such as police, probably because they are on minimum wage and are morally of the caliber who choose their families to their own loss of freedom.

I remember reading “Crossing the rubicon” the one about the Roman Empire, yes there are a few. In a battle between two armies it happened that when the two opposing side were storming one another they recognized friends in the opposing side. This is not just from Braveheart… anyhow. One day this will happen to local law enforcement and then the world and the US will be free from these machine men as stated by Charlie Chaplin.

The single most important thing with the Occupy Wallstreet, Wikileaks and other riots in Canada, Greeze, Italy, Bahrain and the rest of the world is that this builds community. It reunite people on the street, the workers with one another. Those two drew the short straw, those who didn’t get made into power by and those who had to work for their money. I don’t think every person who is rich inherited it, I know many people who worked to where they are today and they only remain there because they are not a thorn in the side of those in power.

If this community can set aside their differences, differences which is very public and real if you look at the interview done by Julian Assange of the OWS crowds from all over the world. To be realistic here, human kind have been fed the fact that we are different by media for millennia, we are not just going to happily get along all of a sudden, we have biase between clean shaven and bearded people, we have opinions of eastern men who wears the abaya or dress. We have so many opinions about the world which is wrong.

If we can accept this and work through these differences then politicians, bankers and a financial system will not stand between neighbours.


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