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Talk is cheap, apparently

Yesterday I followed some links from Wikipedia on the .

This was sent to me by a friend to pose the problem as laid out above. Personally I believe capitalism can’t work or the monetary system for that matter. He then sent me the argument to explain why common property won’t work either.

I believe in community, the problem with the commons is that in the example each farmer still have individual wealth. This is where the problem comes in, competition. We are trained from day-1 to be better, it’s a survival instinct and our medulla_oblongata on steroids. I’m obviously getting major + points from David Icke for making the reptilian connection here.

We need to survive sure bob, but not at the expense of another living organism, the problem is that the “I” need to survive is incorrect as per the description of the ego by Buddhism. Thus the tragedy of the common is no longer valid since the negative impact by one farmer will be shared by all and the produce will also be shared by all. Thus without a way to “bank” profits in excess of what is needed for periods such as winters \ droughts etc. is not required.

On top of this it also benefit all the farmers in the commons to invest in their land by means of research into what is sustainable.

My point, basically I followed a link from this and got to this

This is a great site, the content is very very good. It provides problem – solutions.

It was while reading this site that I decided to make this post, this problem that I see on this site is that there are millions of people that know about the problems of the world.

It’s like Max Keiser (having watch close to a 100 episodes) he is still saying the same thing.

“The human population is getting ripped off”

My question is HTF are we supposed to fix it, should we blog about it, talk is cheap(not considering your hourly pay rate) and honestly talk doesn’t do much.

Are we supposed to VOTE ? – really ? like I trust anything behind the scenes. Why is voting still done on paper ballots instead of online systems linked to your SSN or Tax number , it’s so that the system can be rigged.

So how do the general populace get out there ?

Do they all go and join OWS ?

I don’t really  have a solution but I bet you, if that “million” sharpen up or get someone to take a lead of provide more than a forum for idle chit chat.

There will be change. First there will be a fallout and maybe a bit of chaos, but at least we would have moved past the point of talking about it.

There are NO means for individuals at this point to change the minds of those in power. Like an angry bulldog on a chain, the chain of day to day work an responsibilities due to moral obligations. After all if we weren’t of this type society simply won’t exist as it is today.

I also read this.

Which is really good.


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