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Freaky friday

Even fear porn of the media falls on deaf ears after a while.

Scientifically so, fear is in ways just as addictive as sex. I’m not sure if this is a good thing… I’m still indecisive.

You know that you will not notice anything about a specific subject, take a hot airballoon for example. Then in the same week you hear about a free hot air balloon ride, your read the newspaper (I obviously mean electronically) about a balloon then some friends talk about it and just for exaggeration you hear it on the radio(for those who still do) .

My point is that I follow these, it’s always interesting. Where does it come from though ? In new age it’s called synchronicity, the subconscious mind leading you in a certain direction or it could be nothing.

This weeks of strangeness took me to reading about the richest woman in Europe, she’s as poor as a church mouse when compared to bllionaires of the united states but she does claim the title in Europe. It’s the heir to the L’Oreal (?) throne. Interesting how the company had major communist ties and links to fascism in WW2. This was just coincidence after following the Sarcozy nonsense in Europe.

I read some info on Nancy Sinatra, who I thought was Frank Sinatra’s wife, hey my bad. It’s his daughter and writer of many of the covers of favorite songs been remixed one way or the other still making it into the top hits in the 21st century. There is something about the music of the 60’s that seems original whether it’s the influence of the great counter culture I don’t know but there is a distinct feeling that I have when listening to it, it’s emotion inflicting. I’d blame it on being conceived during that era but unfortunately I can’t.

Following **(weirdness as I typed that the lyrics was “follow follow” from the song “It’s magic” by parlotones thanks to awesome spotify, I think I might try to get money for every time I mention them.

So the sixties somehow brought me onto the George Orwell books and how we was influenced in writing them.

This week also saw the last broadcast of Julian Assanges show on RT. Probably due to the fact that he is in the Ecuador Embassy. Who knows. It’s a loss.

I’m getting tired of the news, enough with the Euro crisis honestly.

I’ve seen some interesting stuff on the ringmakers of Saturn which is definitely new for me. I’ve never heard that “conspiracy” but it’s always worth forming your own opinion.

Even with the solar flare on the 5th the God particle 6th , I’m not feeling it. I’d be brave and make a 7th day reference to say “I maybe just need some rest”.


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