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Native RAM

I don’t mind spending a couple of dollars extra in order to get a good deal.

One thing that Apple did right was the fact to stay proprietary with their hardware and the modifications. I was looking around for a new motherboard since I’m in the market for a new computer. This is because my Eurocom laptop died, well the GFX did. In order for me to get it fixed I need to send it to Canada since Canada is crazy far away and thus it’s going to cost me more to ship it there and back then buying a new one.

I’m not going into the fact how I think the world distribution is controlled in order to exploit shipping but that’s a post for another day.

So this board is pure awesomeness

But unfortunately it’s not available in New Zealand. It’s like I’m back in Africa minus the crime. Honestly. Whether I live in South Africa, London, Australia or New Zealand I still find myself importing the things I need from America.

The last desktop I owned was in 2003, I bought it in the UK, it was super greatly specced but it was enough to last me till 2006 when I upgraded the GFX to GeForce 8800 GTX. I used the desktop untill 2009 when I overclocked the GFX and fried it 😦

In 2009 I bought the Eurocom Laptop which now 2012 also have a busted CPU.

Since 2003 motherboards have come a long way, we now have good graphics on-board, certified surround sound with optical , we have HDMI ports, USB 3 , SATA 6/gb not to mention no more IDE DVD ROMs.

There is one thing I would like to see added, that is RAM. I think Intel should sharpen up and stick some RAM on the mobo. Sure enough people like to upgrade ram so if you make a portion of RAM on board, what size do you make it.

The obvious problem here is, what if the RAM is dodgy or dies, do I then need to replace my entire motherboard, this is a good point. In my entire PC life I’ve never had an issue with faulty RAM. So it’s hard to motivate that faulty RAM does actually pose a major problem.

It will obviously still have the sockets for people who want to upgrade to 8GB or 16GB. But it should at least come with 4GB. I’m considering 8GB but that’s debatable.

My opinion is that if Intel can’t make a RAM module stable enough to resolve the risk of the RAM causing your MOBO to blow up then they shouldn’t be making parts. And if they can’t issue a warranty to swap out the MOBO for a new one.

Just think of the market share they can munch, most people just buy no name nonsense ram anyway. Very few people really spend good money on Crucial, OCZ etc.

Intel has always made good hardware, I’ve never regret buying intel.

So come on,  stick some RAM into the motherboards, make it part of the design in order for the RAM to outperform normal DIMMS but keep expansion slots and enough with the 4GB modules. We have 4TB super fact HDD’s but we still market 2 & 4 GB ram Modules ??


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