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The times they are changing

It couldn’t have come at a better time.

If all goes well this ruling will open up some revenue for wikileaks.

I was reading about the US Naval fleet taking occupation for Iran. This is not great. I’ve made the comment before that the US is the big bully on the street, now the big bully is flexing its muscles. Gosh, what did Iran do, o wait.

They have threatened to sell oil to China and bypass the dollar? I wouldn’t have thought this would be that bad since most of China is owned by the US anyhow.  But then again maybe China is flexing its muscle too, after all it’s no fun being a puppet.

It will suck if there is more war, I don’t think there is enough time in a day to have more media on War. Things are in such a state in the US that people are unhappy, not to mention elections, I don’t think financially America or the world economy can afford a 3rd world word, not in this climate, pun intended.

I the a big problem here is the ego, at which point do you accept your losses and leave the table. I don’t think anyone would consider the US weaker if they decided to take the budget they would normally spend on warfare and do something else with it.

Who cares about winning a war, terrorism is long gone. damn , did I just say that with the Olympics around the corner. Fingers crossed nothing happens cause with Libor I don’t think the UK or Europe is in any state to deal with it.

Keep your garbage in your own yard!

I’m sure the US is involved behind this.

In terms of Cyber terrorism.

The only wrong doing here is on the part of the US for creating Flame .

The US is the only country with Military bases all over the place. Gosh, take your guns home. What is it with the US just wanting to start fights all over the place.

It’s safe to say that we are long gone , beyond the point of no return. If it all goes up in smoke, I bet my bottom it will be because of the warmongering nation, then again, even the US people are against it. But then citizens are nothing, if you control them by keeping them so busy trying to make ends meet with a virtual financial crisis, consumerism and local issues, where would they find the time to keep up to date with what the other hand is busy doing.

war, what is it good for. Besides the billion dollar military deals. reality bites.



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This entry was posted on July 13, 2012 by in no fun.
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