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Dead wood?

Marissa Mayer

This is a surprise that one can be a top exec at google and literally walk out and start with another tech company the next day. I wouldn’t quite call Yahoo competition. I mean who uses it ?

In my opinion it’s worse than Bing.

Bing is not able to find Microsoft articles. Let alone other information on the web. The landing page is dirty with a text box spoiling any potential for a nice background that you may want to configure. Did I mention that it’s useless for searching?

The trick about google is that the top 5 results are pretty accurate. Honestly who cares if it can find 4 billion pages when none of them are what you are looking for, so what if it finds it in five milliseconds.

It’s like going to the hospital and immediately after you go through the door being greeted by doctors ranging from pediatricians to dietitians, obviously you are not here to buy groceries so that narrows it down, it’s not because the hospital is that awesome, it’s purely because you choose to goto the hospital.

So how can Marissa turn Yahoo around.

Well here is the trend.

I haven’t been on yahoo in, mmm I don’t know when did Netscape exist? 1998 ?

Already here is a good thing, since I read this article I’m very inclined to at least goto the web address of yahoo…

*some time later*

I’m still recovering but yes, it’s still shocking. Like a disco with flashing lights everywhere.

Granted she is having her first day today. I wonder if she attend introduction training.

It starts like this, “this is where Yahoo went wrong”…

Why is Yahoo a crap search engine, well… it’s because it’s not a search engine.  It has 500 icons on the left for anything from auto’s to seeking love. Honestly. Customize that junk right there so I can remove it.

The biggest selling point Yahoo can do is to build a linux search service. This includes key points in my opinion

The biggest first, NO LOGGING, NO MINING i.e.

Privacy, this is the biggest concern I have with Google, just because I have nothing to hide doesn’t mean I want it all over the papers. Take celebs for example, I think most have nothing to hide, but there is a line that is crossed when journalism becomes invasive.

If you want my search, I need trust you moral compass, are you going to sell me out to the highest bidder.

Secondly make a browser, trim down a browser for the latest web standards. Since Yahoo partnered with Microsoft, maybe scrap bing and ship yahoo \ internet explorer lite client with Windows 8.

Once you get rid of the bad stigma then maybe you can get some hits on the site 🙂 41% loss on shares, shucks I do reckon now is a good time to buy some shares.

So the stock price search returns the same results on both google and yahoo.

In terms of advertising, why not have a toggle between free and paid for adverts.

I’m all for the underdog, but Yahoo is an underdog trying to be a cat.

Make it a social search engine without the + this nonsense.

Take Garmen VS TomTom, Tom Tom automatically create routes based on monitoring people travelling. This way, it takes the human logic into account, as opposed to shortest \ fastest route from A to B, maybe you would like to drive via a detour for that off-chance that you might dump into lady-love. Who knows.

If Yahoo admittedly says, “hey we know we suck right now but we want to make it better without selling out your privacy.”

I’m game to use it but they have to literally clean up their act, make it more organic. Google has become the internet superpower, the cute little android bot that can easily transform into an attack drone. They are too big to be trusted in my opinion.

So Marissa Mayer, happy first day!


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