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God’s Dilemma

wikipedia – A dilemma (Greek: δί-λημμα “double proposition“) is a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable. One in this position has been traditionally described as “being on the horns of a dilemma“, neither horn being comfortable.

This word Dilemma really describes the world best. The world is currently facing a dilemma. One can argue the dilemma of politics in the US, “neither of which is practically acceptable” referring to the parties.

The recent attempts for legislating the internet with ongoing SOPA, ACTA , et cetera.

Fiddling with rates like Libor in the UK has a butterfly affect to people in other countries even if they couldn’t be bothered to follow the news, “I can’t control it so I’m going to ignore it”.

Even old Carl the pensioner is affected. Since he is still blaming Vietnam war for everything he doesn’t have enough energy to fight a new battle.

This dilemma reminds me of a clip out of Bruce Almighty, where everyone wins the lottery and suddenly people attack one another, he makes it rain where there is drought but suddenly there is floods in other areas.

Humanity’s Godlike status in science, technology and social economics has only achieved one thing. We are connected, the world is integrated. Sure it could be because our lives revolve heavily on the supply of money and that money is tied to stronger economies, which inevitably links us to the US and China. Nothing to do with China except for every single piece of eletronics in our homes ofcourse.

Our world is integrated and this is why we struggle, we simply cannot manage it all. The US may try handle it by bullying weaker economies by simple scare tactics of sanctions, war or try to force their hand into an economy by kicking out non western supportive dictators.

Luckily there are things that work. They work because they are not in control by government, they don’t belong to anyone but to everyone. Sure you may argue most of the DNS servers are in the states but let’s not get technical. The internet grew out of it’s ability to improve our way of live, sure there are some dodgy things going on but it’s not because of the medium , the internet simple highlight some moral decisions of some good or bad.

There are other systems that work, because they improve life.

Why doesn’t the current government work, well it struggles to deal with local issues let alone international.

Why doesn’t the banking system work (it does work for Jamie Dimon) but let’s say it doesn’t work for the majority.

I’d argue that facebook works. It might not actually use it’s power to do much good.  But it works because people naturally want to find out how the community is doing, how are family , friends and most of all how am I doing if this is how my friends are doing, am I ok. The only problem is that much of the awesomeness that can come out of facebook is about status updates about nonsense.

Facebook would be super awesome if it can be used as a credible platform to guide humanity. Imagine seeing a post like this

The United States should should pull their troops out of foreign countries.

– 2 Billion people likes this.

Tom says : Eat your heart out Obama.

Dick says :  But what about terrorists and missiles ?

Bin Laden: Turns in his grave.

My point is that if some action could come from Facebook it would be awesome, it would validate the hours spent on facebook. Virtual gold is no good. Unless you can eat virtual bread or carrots.

Of course the US can’t pull out their troops from other countries because they have no economy and unemployment will increase , not to mention that without a war to fight what happens to JPL, skunkworks and other arms dealing insitutions. Well , those able soldiers used to be people before the war started. Manufacture better spacecraft or something, build something , get a hobby. I’m sure with the military budget cut to 0 those billions of dollars can go toward growing the economy.

So what about foreign affairs.

Facebook don’t have boundaries, I can veto the US out of the Middle East and I could also vote yes for foreign influence for disaster relief in China, Russia or Japan.

We are stuck in the future, what if Iran does this, what if the US do that, rumination.

We should be “what can I do today to change the world now, not tomorrow”.

 Sure, if India and its billions each decide to bomb the US, then the US will have a problem…

Some countries might be more equal than others, this is exactly the Dilemma. We can’t use a moral compass to make decisions because my moral compass is not necessarily the same as yours. However, I think with some basic rules around not taking other peoples lives should be a good start.

Edit; july 18

I just realized that if this is the case facebook and voting can through member data exactly determine who person votes for who. What sort of music influence a vote, how friends influence a vote .. that can’t be healthy.


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