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Monthly Archives: August, 2012

Every now and then a little thing called life happens

From 2005 to 2011  I’ve been on a journey reading tons of new age books and gathering info. It was quite wonderful but then I decided to leave the race … Continue reading

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DNA Storage

I find the DNA topic very interesting. In some video which I think was part of the Ancient Aliens series which included Erich von Daniken mentioned the storage possibility of … Continue reading

August 17, 2012 · Leave a comment – *edit* deluxe

This is the edit. So that is the product that I got from mxm-upgrade. I didn’t get ripped off after all. Having said that. Since I never got a response … Continue reading

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Google is being dumb and Yahoo stand no chance.

I was exploring some options in google maps. Mostly look for a nice sized roof of an office building. Nope, if you have guessed I’m batman at night you are … Continue reading

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Time for change

The news is saturated with X wanting to bomb Y, there is so much going on that will only decrease our dignity as humans. But then there is this reading

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