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Time for change

The news is saturated with X wanting to bomb Y, there is so much going on that will only decrease our dignity as humans.

But then there is this

a clear and concise goal to rid a country of a specific brand of sugary drinks. I suppose it’s not great if you drink lots of coke. But I think it’s a major move for a government who says, “we have balls” and we want to get back to communitarianism.

On the flipside they are going to legalize the coca leaf, that should be interesting.

In terms of 2012, its nice for a government to put a line in the sand and say we want to do X, let’s hope they can achieve this. Hope, the interesting word that allowed Nobama to be president and look what happened to that, Bin Laden death controversy, increased debt and more war and bullying while poverty is increasing in the states. I say , go for it America. Spend your money on guns. Drain your citizens bank account for bailing out banks.

I don’t think it would be the first time that a nation will succumb to war without a battle, WW3 will be fought on American soil by Americans but then again, it might start in Iran first.

Interesting country.

It’s far from idealistic but hey, sugar has a proven history of being the downfall of society so get rid of it. Let’s see who is the owner of the new favorite drink.




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