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Google is being dumb and Yahoo stand no chance.

I was exploring some options in google maps.

Mostly look for a nice sized roof of an office building. Nope, if you have guessed I’m batman at night you are wrong. I’m interested in scoping the Wellington , NZ  landscape, rooftops more specifically in order to find a good size and a company who might be willing to go into the roof garden business .

Anyhow that is another post.

So below are the maps from Yahoo and Google.

I’m getting arc eyes just looking at this. Anyone who has ever admired naturally photoshopped beauty in magazines should know how it sells. It inspires people to be better or make them feel depressed. True to that, Yahoo is the pinup that should be depressed and aspire to be something more!

Google is not off the hook though.

I’m really surprised at the lack of integration in google applications. I have all the detail set to on in google maps, I’ve tried several option combinations yet I’m stupified.

Google has the ability to crawl pages of websites. Most pages found on Google has to embed google links or at least do a good job with meta tags in order to appear higher on search results…

If I google “what is the address of” and I give the correct name, 90% chance I find it first search.


So if google has crawled the contact information and address details of shops and business, which is very very easily picked up since it’s always called address,contact,location.

WHY ON Google EARTH does the information not pull through on Google maps.

On the flips side maybe some businesses don’t want to be on Google maps. Those are the businesses that want to fail, maybe they should also look into advertising on yahoo.

If Google can share my info to the government I just figured they could do some sharing between their offerings.


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